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Welcome to The Stressless Digital aid website

Dear  customer,

With more and more of our customers shopping and browsing the internet, it is essential to have a strong presence in the digital environment. The Stressless information you show on your store website needs to be relevant, interesting and up to date. Our E - Ads program is designed to help you do this & so on the enclosed pages we have a few simple tools that will help.

Our Stressless E- Ads Program features Web Banners, Online Room Planner & Digital Catalogue  & each sit on their own microsite so the customer does not leave your own website.  Ekornes automatically remotely update these for you, so once installed they are maintenance free!

You will see they are very simple to install, saving you time and money and many of our existing retailers will testify how successful these tools have been in bringing customers into their store!

We recommend our Stressless Web Banners are placed on your Homepage and your Stressless Product pages.

With regard to our Digital Catalogue & Online Room Planner these are two very popular items and hence we recommend are featured on both your Homepage and Stressless product pages.

In addition we have included a selection of Product Images we request are included on the Stressless Product section of your website as these are models featured in our current National Advertising.

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